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An Overdue Update – Gutenberg is still changing

Changes in Guty:

I’ve been getting some comments on about issues with my guty-blocks repo  not building correctly.  There was one big change about how we import components that I needed to fix:

const {
} = wp.block;

const {
    // components and stuff!
} = wp.editor;

Components are now coming from wp.editor instead of wp.blocks… which makes sense as it’s a bit more explicit.  But I still wonder if that was necessary.


The git repo should now be updated and should build without errors.  Let me know if there are any issues you run into.

I’ve been really busy…

I’ve not been able to write anything as I’ve been so busy at work.  I’ve been building a lot of things with Vue lately, and I recently implemented a way to include Vue components (much like Web Components) in a cms.  Here is a proof of concept if you’re interested.

Future of Gutenberg Editor

Taking a look at the github repo Gutenberg has a way to go.  

One of the most difficult things to address is that the structure of attributes in a block is completely stored in a post’s body.  This makes it very resource intensive to filter through posts based on what attributes are in the post.

So some suggestions to get around this is to create another table in the DB that will explicitly store the “JSON” from each block.  Each post in this case has an associated table of information about the blocks in that post.  It seems to me that this is an ugly thing to coordinate… but some people are doing it.

At any rate, there aren’t any good solutions right now.  I figure that things will move more and more to the front end/headless world and php will need to know less and less about the content of the post.

Soon to come…

Should I have the time I’d like to write about:

  • Some projects where I dabble in canvas and the math behind image processing
  • Using Vue in a CMS as a sort of hybrid application
  • I really want to create a headless WordPress and record what learn

I just need more time!

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