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About Jim Schofield

  • CSS and HTML

    I love using CSS (which is not something people say often) and I get a lot of pleasure out of making things pretty.

    Lately I've been into using BEM naming conventions. Still learning about Houdini.

    Along with all this comes the responsibility of making things accessible. I am experienced in this area, but I'm always learning. I'm currently reading through Inclusive Components and I'm learning a ton!

  • Javascript

    I think Vanilla Javascript understanding comes first, and framework implementation comes second. That said I feel at home in any Javascript world/framework.

    Vue.js is my favorite though 😁

    I really enjoy programmatic art and visualizations for fun (hence the dragon curve). If I'm able to include my math and teaching knowledge it's always rewarding for me.

I have trouble settling on a single interest

In the past two years I have been spending a lot of time on...

  • Running
  • Lifting
  • UFOs, Atlantis, and Bigfoot
  • Cooking perfect french fries
  • Reading

A dump of all the technical specific jargon that I use:

  • HTML
  • CSS, Sass, PostCSS
  • Vanilla Javascript
  • Vue.js, Vue-router, Vuex
  • React, Redux
  • Ember
  • Typescript
  • Accessibility
  • WordPress, Gutenberg editor
  • D3 and other data visualizations
  • Node.js, NPM, and NVM
  • Express
  • Web Sockets
  • Firebase
  • GraphQL, Apollo
  • Aruino and Raspberry Pi
  • Rust, C++
  • IoT and making things
  • ReasonML, Elm, and other functional languages
  • Sharing knowledge and teaching

If you'd like to contact me

Feel free to reach me on Linked in